"You're a Genius all the time"

-jack kerouac

Saturday, July 09, 2005

superhero complex

Nothing could be worse than the feeling you get when there is about to be a disaster and you are the only one who knows it. Well, you and the masked evil genius who is putting his plan into action.

I was a combination of Jack Bauer and all the X-Men put together and as I talked to the president I realized that if I didnt plan an evacuation and plan of defense, this whole city would be destroyed. I finally cam eup with a plan. Hid all the people in a shelter. Got a team of other "superheroes" together. And as I was about to use my powers.....im awake

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

unbeknownst to me...

"I need you to put this package in the office for me, will ya?"
"Sure. Where does it need to go?"
"Well, you know it's a surprise, so anywhere he won't see it immediately will be perfect."
The sunshine from the windows surrounding the building was the only light that came in, casting long shadows and an empty eerie feeling similar to the feeling bubbling at the basin of my empty stomach. Followed by Aly and Adam I felt like Harry Potter hiding under their invisibility cloak with Hermione and Ron, but this wasn't a book. We walked toward the door with a small pocket knife in hand. It was barely necesary considering how shabby the doors were. Lookinng around, it did not appear to be the same building as before. It had somehow become colder; more business-like; and I imagined a high-tech machine in what used to be the kitchen producing the Ideals by the minute. All cubes were gone.
Walking around the desk we saw a new door leading into a bedroom wth a connecting bathroom. The inside looked far larger than the outside of the building. And as we shuffled through papers and notices, acceptances, and denials, the sound of voices and doors being propped open diverted our attention from our nosiness. Our heads sprang up, and we rushed out, afraid of what would be said if we were caught in there.
In fear of being caught, Aly thought quickly, albeit not so brightly, and left the package in the best spot she could find. Now we could only hope that it wasn't found before the surprise.
It seemed all was clear as the room filled up with busily working bodies, all focused on their task, no laughter or smiles on their faces. All that was missing was the clean pure white single-piece jumpers which seem to set all futuristic times.
Then he came out. After an hour in the headquarters, the office/bedroom/bathroom retreat center which used to house meetings and boring lectures, he came out. Fury in his eyes and sweat beading down his face, a total lack of control begging to be released, he approached us, not even walking, but more gliding over the linoleum which had remained the same.
"You think you're clever do you? You didn't think I would look there!"
"I'm sorry sir, but I don't know what you mean," I responded, the lie coming so quickly and the respect oozing out like lava from an ice box.
"Yes, I suppose you don't do you? Except that I know what goes on at all times and I know you were the one who put it there! Did you not think that I would look between the flowerbox and the desk!"
"The what? I can't believe you would accuse me of this." I can't believe she hid it between the flowerbox and the desk. "I haven't even seen you in months!"
"And you think you can just walk in here, like you always have, and plant a bomb in here and destroy everything I have done? I am manufacturing them faster than anyone else in town! And you didn't think I would check between the flower box and the desk."